Uvita Costa Rica Rentals

How to get to Uvita Costa Rica?

Uvita costa rica rentals is one of the most impressive places for nature tourism. You can go from San Jose to Uvita in just 3 and a half hours and here I have some recommendations for you now that you are going to make this trip on how to get from San Jose to Uvita:

  • You can rent a car if you have the budget for it, it is actually the simplest way to travel freely in Costa Rica and download Maps.me to use the offline maps in case you lose your internet connection.
  • To go by bus, you will have to go to the Tracopa terminal in downtown San Jose, the trip can take about 5 hours and costs about $ 5.
  • Using the Shuttle service is a way where you can go much more comfortable, and it is also one of the fastest ways to get to Uvita. These vans are air-conditioned and the cost is $60.

We recommend that if you arrive at Manuel Antonio National Park and do not have a rental car or a bus or shuttle service, negotiating the price with a cab will be your best option because public transportation is not well-connected, and you may have problems getting to some places.

What to do in Uvita?

Here are some recommendations on places you can visit during your stay in Uvita, from dream waterfalls, hiking, surfing, kayaking, whale and dolphin watching, snorkeling or relaxing on the beaches:

Playa Cola de Ballena

It is one of the most beautiful places to see in Uvita, it is a formation of sand and rock that, during low tide, allows you to see the shape of a whale tail, this natural spectacle is only available for a few hours of the day, therefore, we recommend you to look for the current state of the tide, so you don’t miss it.

It will take you about 25 minutes to get there from the town of Uvita, the entrance fee is around 6 dollars.

Manuel Antonio National Park

If you travel from the capital San Jose, you can be one of the lucky ones to find the Tárcoles River, you can park on the road before starting the bridge, you can walk on the river, and you will find crocodiles everywhere.

The most recommended dates to visit the national park and observe all the species that live here are from July to November and from mid-December to April.

Here you can find a tour to look for humpback whales in their breeding area. The cost of the tour is 6 dollars, you can also explore on your own and find the playa bahía, playa arco, playa ballena or playa piñuelas, where you will have access to whale and dolphin watching, as well as snorkeling in one of the islands for 65 dollars.

Cascada Verde

You can also visit Cascada Verde, about 4 kilometers from the center of the city of Uvita, it is one of the places that we can highly recommend you to visit. It is a beautiful waterfall that is surrounded by nature.

Being relatively close to the city of Uvita, you can have a dream encounter experience with nature, has easy access, and you can park your car and walk no more than 5 minutes to take a dip in the refreshing waters, and it does not cost more than $ 3.

Nauyaca Waterfalls

One of the biggest tourist attractions that you can find in the surroundings of Uvita, this waterfall is located only 35 minutes away from the city, it has a cost of approximately 10 dollars for its entrance.

We recommend you to go prepared because the access to the waterfall will require you to make a long walk under the sun and most of it will be uphill, you can hire several services to make your walk lighter.

Upon arrival, you will find several waterfalls and a huge natural freshwater pool where you can take a refreshing shower after the arduous journey.

El Pavón Waterfall

It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the surroundings of Uvita, its turquoise waters and its proximity to no more than 20 km towards the town of Coronado is one of the destinations that is not well known by travelers, but certainly draws our attention for its peculiarities.

The huge rock that is in the middle of the waterfall gives the impression that the water comes out of it, it is certainly a place you should not miss.

It will be necessary to arrive by car, you will have the advantage that parking is completely free, in the same way you will have access to restaurants to recover energy once you have finished your visit.

You will not have to take long walks in the forest, so you can arrive with sandals and your bathing suit so you can enter the water at any time.

Uvita Waterfalluvita costa rica rentals

This is one of the closest options you will have because the waterfall is practically inside the town, and you can walk there in no more than 20 minutes.

Why stay in a luxury villa?

When we go on vacation to a tourist destination, we usually look for the most benefits possible at the lowest possible cost, and comfort should go hand in hand with what we are willing to pay.

The times of booking a hotel room with a membership or timeshare that only allowed you to go a few times a year are long gone.

Using packages is also one of the practices that many people have stopped doing since tourism in terms of comfort asks that we have space to carry out our activities as we see fit and that includes lodging.

That’s why staying at Luxury Villa is the best choice for comfort, you’ll feel like you’re home even if you are at Uvitas Costa Rica.

At unique we have prepared the best experience for your trip, contact us and find out more. Uvita costa rica rentals.


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