Luxury vacation rentals Guanacaste costa rica

Luxury vacation rentals guanacaste costa rica is one of the coasts that most attracts people’s attention for the number of miles of white sandy beaches, huge mountains lined with green foliage and the view of a terrain surrounded by volcanoes like no other.

Guanacaste is a perfect destination for people who want to feel close to nature and travelers from all over the world confirm that the experience of coming to this place has no point of comparison.

These are some of the reasons why I highly recommend you to visit Guanacaste:

  • The weather: The rainforest that surrounds the area is one of the most impressive things you will experience. You can spend the day doing some activities like surfing, but you can also explore the calderas that exist around the city.
  • The geographical area: if you are a surf lover or just like to walk and enjoy the beaches, you will have the opportunity to visit Conchal beach, so you can also walk along the several kilometers of beach either on foot or by bicycle on a single road.
  • The sky views: Guanacaste has the most beautiful skies and sunsets in the area, you will be able to visualize the sunset twilight in a way that rarely happens, so take a few moments to relax and appreciate the spectacle.
  • The access to Guanacaste: The trip to Guanacaste is a true spectacle of vibrant green colors, at all times you will be able to see these beautiful landscapes. One of the best ways to get here is through the international airport of Liberia and take transportation to your lodging place.

What to do in Guanacaste?

Here is a list of things to do in Guanacaste upon arrival:

  • La Fortuna: In La Fortuna you will have access to a waterfall tour, Arenal volcano and hot springs, this tour has a trail that you can walk, until you reach the crystal-clear river of La Fortuna, you can reach the top and see the panorama of the huge volcanic canyon where you will also find the waterfall of La Fortuna.
  • Tamarindo Catamaran: If you opt for this tour, you will have access to the picturesque and beautiful secluded beaches in conjunction with a 5-hour catamaran rental, you will have access to relaxing areas, rest, open bar, lunch, snorkeling equipment and paddle, you can also dive into the crystal-clear waters of the beaches Mina, Huevo beach or Piraras bay.
  • Playa Tamarindo: If you take a boat or a catamaran with a tour, you can enjoy approximately 4 and a half hours of travel through different bays of white sandy beaches and tropical rainforests. Here you will also be able to see dolphins or whales, flying fish and even sea turtles. You will find many deserted bays where you can take a break and watch the sunset.
  • Rainforest zip line tour: One of the most exciting things you can do is to take a zip line tour through the canopy of the Guanacaste rainforest, this activity is just a few minutes’ drive away, and if you take a short hike, you will find the launching platforms.
  • Transfer by boat from Fortuna to Monteverde: You can take a short trip between Fortuna and Monteverde, where you will cross the Arenal Lake, it will be a trip to appreciate the volcanic landscapes and even see the Arenal volcano and the cloud forests of Monteverde, this trip lasts about 30 minutes.
  • Watch turtles in Playa Minas: To see the turtle show, the service you have hired will pick you up at 6:00 in the morning and take you to Mina’s beach where the turtles nest, you will have a guide throughout your visit to give you the corresponding indications.
  • Sailing Tour in Playas del Coco: In this tour you will sail for 4 hours and a half through each of the exotic bays of Costa de Oro, the white sand beaches and landscapes with tropical rainforests will not be expected, nor will they be few. In good measure you will be able to find animals such as whales or dolphins. Most of the tours of this type will offer you lunch, and you will have access to the open bar, you can also snorkel in the crystal-clear waters.
  • Playa Flamingo Catamaran: This is one of the biggest jewels that borders Guanacaste and the Pacific coast, this is another tour that you can opt for, throughout your trip you will be offered by the crew both drinks and snacks, plus you will have music throughout the tour. Halfway through the tour, the boat will stop, so you can take a swim in the Pacific waters and in front of the beautiful beaches. If you are more adventurous you can snorkel, swim, SUP and Kayak.
  • Palo Verde National Park Cruise: The Palo Verde National Park is one of the great natural wonders of this country, during these tours you can see the habitat that develops along a river that runs through the jungle, depending on the time of year, you can enjoy watching a good number of species of birds that migrate, as well as monkeys and huge crocodiles basking in the midday sun along the mangrove.

How to get to Guanacaste Costa Rica?

These are some of the ways in which you can get from San Jose to Guanacaste:

  • If you fly from San Jose international airport to Liberia international airport, it will take you approximately one hour and forty minutes.
  • You can opt to use the bus, and it will take about 5 hours.

Which are the best dates to visit Guanacaste?

For some years, you might have noticed that Costa Rica has become an interesting tourist destination that you should visit, but it is true that there are certain times when we would recommend you to visit these places due to the weather conditions. These are:

  • January
  • February
  • March

This season is known as the “dry” season, so you can enjoy the beaches without any setback in Guanacaste.

If you are thinking of visiting Guanacaste there is no better way to do it than with Unique, we not only provide you with incredible, comfortable and luxurious vacation rentals that allow you to connect with nature, we also take care of giving you the best options of experiences such as concierge, live music, surf lessons and much more. Contact us for a dream vacation. Luxury vacation rentals guanacaste costa rica.


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